BOP Control Units


Windlass BOP Control Systems meet or exceed the most stringent quality standards including American Petroleum Institute specifications API 16D, RP16E & RP53 to assure safe and reliable operation under critical conditions. We provide BOP Control Systems for both onshore and offshore applications worldwide.

Our BOP Control Systems are custom designed and manufactured to meet customers’ requirements and certifications.

Our Design department is well equipped with the best tools and software for designing these units and each unit undergoes extensive tests and checks before dispatch to ensure trouble free operation to minimize rig shutdown time and ensure greater safety for the drilling crew.

We can also upgrade and refurbish an obsolete unit as per API 16D or any other similarly recognized standard. All of which are supported by the Windlass field service network of engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

BOP Control Systems

Windlass BOP Control Systems are highly customizable. The following sections describe some of the options available on each subassembly. You can always contact us with your requirements and we can design the entire system for you.


The Accumulator Module consists of a welded structural steel skid assembly with a fluid reservoir, provisions for mounting the electric pump, air pump system, hydraulic control manifold, interface module and the type and quantity of accumulators.


    The M-Series Accumulator Module has standard features and is a quality economical choice
    The T-Series Accumulator Module has advanced safety features and is additionally equipped with a reservoir level sight gauge and 14 inch x 14 inch clean-out man-way for reservoir maintenance
welded structural steel
Accumulator Module


The Electric Motor Driven Pump Module is the primary source for generating hydraulic energy which is stored in the accumulators to operate the BOP stack. These pumps are offered in a variety of options and operating voltages to meet customer requirements.

  • Standard Electric Pump Module is designed for operation in hazardous locations where the presence of explosive gases is anticipated and includes automatic electric explosion-proof starters, motors and pressure switches. Electrical components that meet NEMA, NEC and UL specifications are standard in these modules
  • The Electric Pump Module is set to automatically stop when system reaches working pressure and restart when system pressure drops to 10% below working pressure
  • Each Electric Pump Module is sized to meet the greater of the following two conditions :
    a. Close the specific annular preventer in use and open the hydraulic-actuated choke valve within two minutes (with the accumulators blocked)b. Charge the accumulators from zero to working pressure in less than fifteen minutes



  • The T-Series Electric Driven Pump has a triplex plunger
  • The electric motor is horizontally mounted but can be vertically mounted over the pump in order to meet the length restrictions
  • The motor is mechanically coupled to the pump drive by a rugged chain and sprocket drive assembly specifically designed for the working horsepower of the assembly
  • The drive assembly is encased in an oil bath protective guard to ensure years of hassle-free operation
Electric Driven Pump

  • This pump module has the same features as the T-Series but is limited to 20 Horsepower by plunger load design specifications


  • This pump module has the same features as T-Series but comes with a special drive
pump module


Air Operated Pump Module is the secondary source used to provide high pressure fluid energy to charge the accumulator and operate the BOP stack functions.

  • Air Pump Module is supplied in many options to meet the specifications and economic requirements of the customer
  • The design performance ratios offered ensure that the rig air supply system is not overburdened while at the same time the system can still develop the hydraulic system operating pressure even in the event of low rig air pressure flow
  • Air Pump Module has a hydro pneumatic pressure valve which is set to stop the pumps at slightly below operating pressure and restart automatically when system pressure falls to approximately 400 PSI



  • This series features a Super Sixty (60:1) pump ratio with self adjusting packing and tungsten carbide valve seats driven by an 8-1/2″ air motor producing the highest flow rate


  • This series features the same fluid end design as the T-Series but with pumps available in 7-3/8″ air motor


  • This economy series maintains the ability to reach system opening pressure even if the rig air supply pressure is low. This module is available with a 6 inch air motor
Air Pump
Air pump modules number designation




The T-series Hydraulic Control Manifold provides safe, dependable operation for control of the BOP stack utilizing and having the following features:

  • Sub-plate mounted control valves
  • Separate circuits provide independent pressure regulation and control for the annular preventer, ram and HCR valve
  • 1 inch full flow controlling annular preventer for up to 36 gallons closing capacity and 1-1/2 inch for over 36 gallons
  • The manifold functions are supplied through the 3 inch machined manifold rated for 3,000 PSI or 5,000 PSI working pressure
  • The internal override feature of the regulator permits immediate working accumulator pressure to the manifold, doubling the closing force on the rams in an emergency
  • The manifold directional control valves and outlet piping to the preventers are rated for 3,000 PSI or 5,000 PSI working pressure
  • These manifolds are available with glycerin-filled, panel-mounted, direct reading gauges indicating manifold regulated, annular regulated and accumulator pressures
  • When hydro-pneumatic valve by-passes are selected in the air pump assemblies, this series manifold can be used for testing up to 5,000 PSI and extreme well control problems


  • The M-Series Hydraulic Control Manifold differs from the T-Series Manifolds only in that the control valves are directly plumbed into the circuits instead of being sub-plate mounted. This makes the unit easier to service and repair
  • These four way selector valves and manifolds are also rated for 3,000 PSI or 5,000 PSI working pressure


  • The E-Series Hydraulic Control Manifolds are rated for 3,000 PSI. Outlet pipes to the BOP stack are rated for 3,000 PSI working pressure

Hydraulic Control Manifold modules number designation

Hydraulic Control Manifolds


The Interface Module is mounted on the BOP Control System and provides remote control capability of hydraulic control manifold functions.



  • The A-Series Interface Module is applicable for air remote panels only and contains no solenoid valves or transducers. When “AE” or “AA” operation is selected, pressure switches are provided in an explosion-proof enclosure to operate function position, lights and alarms as applicable
A-Series Interface

  • This series module contains solenoid valves, pressure switches, transducers, transducer power supply for ram indication and pressure indication
  • This series has a safety alarm system that provides signals to the remote panel to indicate low reservoir fluid level, low accumulator pressure and low rig air supply pressure
  • All the above components are encased in an explosion-proof junction box
  • Air cylinders are provided for actuation of the manifold control valves and junction connections to interface with the remote panel through the interconnect assembly
T-Series Interface

  • The M-Series Interface Module provides the same features as the T-Series but does not include the safety alarm


  • The E-Series Interface Module provides the same functions as the M-Series but can only be deployed in non-hazardous areas


  • The P-Series Interface Module has the same features as the T-Series but the enclosure is air purged to make it explosion-proof


  • The I-Series (increased safety) Module is available to meet specific requirements
M-Series Interface
Interface modules number designation


The W-series Workover BOP Control Systems manufactured by Windlass combine the most advanced technology and quality components with a realistic approach to solving the application and space limitations encountered in today’s highly mobile workover environment. We produce a wide variety of Workover Control Units to meet the requirements for large workover rigs down to the smallest truck mounted rig. Each system consists of an accumulator module, high pressure pump and hydraulic control manifold.


  • LW (Low Profile Workover)
  • SW (Slim Profile Workover)
  • CW (Conventional Workover)
Workover BOP Control Systems
Workover BOP Control Systems modules number designation
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