Remote Control Panels

Located a safe distance from the rig floor to ease space restrictions and increase safety, Remote Control Panels give the driller complete control of the BOP stack and provide intuitive operation of the BOP Control System with its hydraulic control manifold.


  • Easily accessible to the driller
  • This panel is located at the driller station and is capable of operating every BOP stack function, controlling regulated pressure to the annular preventer for stripping operation and is capable of immediately switching from regulated pressure to the full accumulator pressure to the RAM preventer. It can also provide additional closing force that may be required during extreme well control conditions
  • This panel includes gauges or meters for remote indication of the various operating pressures and open-close status of the manifold control valves position


  • A second Remote Panel is recommended near the emergency exit or in a safe location from where the BOP stack can be controlled. Should the drilling crew have to evacuate the drill floor, they will still be able to operate all the BOP functions

At least one Remote Control Panel is required in order to comply with API 16 D, RP53, API- RP-16E

Remote Panels used for offshore installations must have meters to indicate pressure, alarm indicators and position status indication at the driller’s position



  • Air Remote Panel controls rig air pressure to the cylinders on the control valve of the hydraulic control manifold to operate the manifold functions
  • An air interface module is required on the accumulator unit and an air interconnect is required to connect the Air Remote Panel to the interface module
  • Air-electric panels additionally have explosion-proof light stations for every BOP stack function to indicate open-close status of the hydraulic manifold valves


  • Electric Remote PanelsElectric Remote Panels provide remote control signals to the electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic interface module on the accumulator unit which in turn control the hydraulic control manifold functions
  • Electric Remote Control Panel ensures fast, dependable operations and minimizes installation requirements
  • Each electric panel includes an indicator light to indicate the function status of the hydraulic control manifold valves
  • Electric Remote Panels are available in weather proof, explosion-proof, air purge or intrinsic safe models


  • PLC based Remote Control PanelsPLC based Remote Control Panels have a programmable logic controller (PLC) which receives input signals from the BOP Control Unit, processes this information in real time using the structure and rules entered into the program and then issues control commands that operate the BOP Control Units. These PLC panels are designed to meet the recommendations of API RP/4F
  • Suitable for use in hazardous locations with option of pressurized enclosure or cast aluminum enclosure
  • All panel control functions are two handed to avoid accidental operation
  • Electrical components, panel etc. used in and exposed to hazardous atmospheres are designed as per API RP 500 and IEC529 and certified as suitable for use in hazardous locations
  • Panel display is physically arranged as a graphical representation of the BOP stack
  • Push buttons for open-close function with indicator lights for all BOP functions
  • Transparent safety cover which does not obstruct visibility of function is provided to avoid uninterrupted operation of critical functions
  • Audible and Visual alarms indicatorAudible and visual alarms indicate:
    • Low accumulator pressure
    • Low rig air pressure
    • Low hydraulic fluid reservoir level
    • Panel on standby power
  • Equipped with displays for the following:
    • Accumulator pressure
    • Manifold regulated pressure
    • Annular BOP regulated pressure
    • Rig air pressure
  • Customizable and extensible programming using ladder logic
  • Fully customizable and expandable
  • Option for Ethernet, Genius Bus, Mod Bus Communication Protocols
  • Touch screen suitable for rough environmental conditions, viewable under the sun’s glare with excellent optical properties that can be operated even with gloves. Displays the following data:
    • Pressure display for accumulator, manifold, annular and rig air pressure in digital or analog view
    • Displays of function fail alarms
    • Pressure can be displayed in selectable option on screen
    • Setting of different alarm and pressure rating
    • Monitoring, reporting and data logging with date, time and alarms
    • Electrical pumps running indication and cut-off to shut down the pumps before cavitation can occur
  • Alarm Panel

    alarm panels model number designation


    • Air interconnect bundle assemblies are used to carry signals from the air operated remote control panels to the air interface assemblies on the accumulator unit
    • It includes a customer specified length of flame resistant multi-tube air bundle
    • The junction boxes consist of a hose half of an air junction box on each end which connects to the fixed plate halves mounted on the air panels and on the air interface assemblies
    • Electric Interconnect Cable Assemblies are used to carry signals from the electric control interface panels to the electric remote interface assemblies on the accumulator unit which includes customer specified length of electric cable terminated to cable connector plugs

    remote control panels model number designation

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