Diverter Control Panels

Windlass manufactures Diverter Control Panels that meet or exceed API 16D requirements.

  • Depending on customer preferences, we provide systems that are either independent of the main hydraulic control unit or
    a panel driven off the main unit
  • Each panel can be mounted integrally or separately
  • We offer ¾” or 1-1/2” regulator and ½” or 1-1/2” 4-way control valve for diverter controls
  • Includes heavy duty gauges, air cylinders for remote operations and PLC communication to the driller’s panel
  • If remote pressure regulation is needed, diverter controls are furnished with an air pilot regulator. This unit features a unit/remote selector valve and pneumatic transmitter

Hydraulic diverter controls can be supplied in free-standing rig floor panel design. This panel, with graphic representation of the diverter installation, includes:

  • Pressure regulators
  • Gauges and control valves
  • Bladder type accumulator furnished for surge dampening
  • Air cylinders if remote operation is needed
  • Hydraulic supply and return connections as well as connections for remote panel operation
 Last Updated Date (July 2016)